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My 'Heart Attack' Scare.

I'd like to thank the Robina Hospital Emergency Centre . After trying to ignore some chest pain for 24hrs I walked in and was immediately looked after with the greatest of care. .. blood tests, chest Xray, the sticky electric things on My chest. Blood pressure… The kind reassurance of the Doctors and all the Nurses is moving Me to tears as I type. The shock and fear a 52 year old feels as the thought of leaving loved ones behind is overwhelming. I didn't call My Wife or family as I didn't want to alarm them… I felt very alone. This was a huge wake up call. So many things left undone. I don't smoke or drink but I'm way to heavy and unfit.This experience was, I hope a catalyst for real change. I don't want it to be 'a rehearsal' for the real thing. Yes.. I was lucky. The pain was not heart related. The genuine smile and wave from the triage nurse as I walked out reflected a knowledge that many others are not so fortunate. Look after Yourselves people life is precious.
Thank You Very Much Robina Emergency. You are Hero's.
Bud Manthey.

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  • Bud Manthey
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  • xlzvtamkst

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Bud Manthey
    Bud Manthey

    Been a few weeks since My ’scare’… I’ve lost … 5kgs :) already another 10 to go .

  • Bud

    I’d like to thank everybody for there kind thoughts on face book. I’m happy to be in good health …though a little overweight. :)

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