Shipping and How to Order

Shipping Costs

AUSTRALIA wide - FREE shipping Australia wide (exclude our Extra Large size Memorial Rocks - more than 40 kg)


NEW ZEALAND - $150 per Memorial Rock (up to 30kg, small to medium size)

For 15% discount for all New Zealand customers, please email us on to get your discount code before purchasing.

NZ Customs Charges: Please note that there will be additional charges for our products upon entry to New Zealand. The amount payable to New Zealand Customs will be 15% GST of purchase price and NZ$49.24 (GST incl.) entry fee. Freight company's administration fee NZ$33.00 (GST incl.) and storage fee (if applicable) NZ$22.00 (GST incl.) per day.

It is important to monitor your consignment and pay these fees promptly so as to avoid any unnecessary storage charges. The freight company will generally notify you as soon as your consignment arrives in New Zealand. We will endeavor to do the same.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on 61 413770272 to discuss about your product and delivery requirements.


How to Order on our website

Payment of order can be made easily and securely with Credit Card or through Paypal. 

  1. Click "Add to Cart" on your chosen product.
  2. To see your order, click "View cart", confirm your quantity.
  3. Then to pay, click "Check Out"
  4. To continue shopping, click "Continue Shopping", do step 1 again for each other item you want to add to your cart.
  5. On Check Out, complete the mailing information form provided. Please include your email address. Click "Continue to shipping method".
  6. Select your shipping method (if applicable).
  7. Select your payment method.
For assistance please call Bud on 0413 770 272.