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April 2024  








 "Hi Shinta & Bud 

We braved the rain today and thankfully there was a nice break and we could put our little garden together for our parents and brother. All went well and we are very happy with the result.

Kind regards

Julie & Debbie"


April 2024












- R Bridge.

November 2023












"Hello Bud and Shinta,

I picked Larry's memorial rock up this afternoon. 

Can't thank you enough for the magnificent outcome. Plaque and rock are so very perfect in every way.

Bud, the Crematorium staff were very impressed with it and want to advise other people of this opportunity. They also expressed your kind respectful attitude you displayed at all times whilst there at the Crematorium. .

I am only sorry I didn't get to meet you. However, I am very grateful to you and all who were involved in making this reverent experience possible. 

All the best. Very Kind regards"

- J. Woodhouse


November 2023




"I just wanted to share a picture of the memorial rock in situ at our Wings of Hope event on Saturday. It is perfect and the council have agreed for us to cement it in so it will now be a permanent feature. The whole team loved the rock and I want to thank you so much for making such an effort to get it to us in time."

- Hannah A.

November 2023




"Thankyou both digital arts and memorial rocks for being so helpful as well as true to your words,

Maybe you could both share helping others in these times as I was just lucky to trip over both companies in confusing times.

In any case you can use my photos and appreciation in promoting lovely and excellent service and if you need close up individual photos let me know .

So very appreciated"

- Dan M.

November 2023




"I know it’s been a while but we finally finished the memorial for my parents
I promised I would send u a photo."

- Chris E.

August 2023




"Please see attached photo of our memorial rock in place. We are so happy with the final product and wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ......"

- Jenae M.

December 2022




"Hi Bud

.....The rock looks fantastic.

We glued it all up and placed it with my dad on ... (their wedding anniversary) I am sending you a few photos and they look great. I have to say I had a tear or two on that day.

Thanks again for a great product and your help.

Kindess regards T. Miller

July 2021




"Hi I would just like to say thankyou so much the rock is absolutely beautiful just looks perfect very happy and will highly recommend you just makes us at ease with how lovely it turned out thanks again and take care." - P. Donney

July 2021




"Thank you for this amazing Memorial Rock my father in law loved being in the garden" - L.Doyle

June 2021

 A text message to Bud from T. Huckstepp.


T. Huckstepp

September 2020



"Thank you Bud & Shinta for your exceptional service and attention to detail, I am very grateful for all your help received. My beautiful rock is now sitting just where I imagined it in our garden and I’m sure Frank is happy to be there. I couldn’t find on your website a review spot but just wanted to let you know my appreciation." - J.McNabb

October 2020



"Your memorial rock to store our beloved fathers ashes has gone way above our expectations. We want to truly thank you for helping us create a garden of solace." - S. Jackson.

September 2020



"Hi Shinti and Bud I have wanted to make contact a lot earlier than now, but just wanted to thankyou again so much for the amazing memorial rock you created. It was so nice to deal with you both, so very compassionate, very understanding and patient. You made a very hard task a lot easier to deal with. This has been a life changing moment for me to have my Dad home with such a beautiful memorial rock that myself, friends, family, children and grandchildren can visit at any time. You should be very proud of your business and I will make sure to pass you on to friends or family if they may need you in the future. I have attached a picture of my garden that I have just started." - R. Arbon.

April 2020



"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the memorial rock that I had ordered has arrived. To say that I am happy with the memorial rock would be an understatement….. I’m overwhelmed with it. It looks fantastic and I’m more than happy with it, and your service. The placement of my dad’s plaque is perfect, as it allows enough room for Mums to go placed to the side. Your attention to detail is great and I so appreciated the phone call about the plaques as well. The decision of what to do with my parent’s ashes was a very hard one for me to have to deal with. It may sound silly, but I didn’t Want them in our local cemetery, as I was finding it very hard to let them go. My cousin told me about your business and what products you had. I’m so happy that she did. The rock is amazing. So, Thankyou again for your great service and product. Kindest Regards, W. Anic"

March 2020


"Hi Guys Here is the picture of the Memorial Rock you sent me he is now under his named rose soulmate thank you for looking after him for me love it. Many thanks from L. Butterfield and my Daughter’s From Oberon. ps it arrived safely on Monday had a friend who gave me a hand she is in the same boat as me lost her husband 4 years ago this month she is a great friend indeed. " - L. Butterfield

March 2020


"The family loved the rock at Dad’s farewell/celebration 2 weeks ago. They were amazed with the concept and it has been the talk of the family." - P. Rollason

November 2019


"Hi, I am so very proud of Anita’s resting place in my garden, it is lovely to be able to visit her at any time. We have had so many compliments and people saying what a fantastic idea. Thank you." - J. Boon

November 2019



"Hi Bud, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful help and support with my father's memorial rock. It turned out fantastic. I had many comments on how great it was and how it suited my father perfectly. Once again a big thanks See attached photos" - S.Robertson

September 2019


"Hi Bud, Here is the photo you asked for. Thank you so much for everything and for kindly delivering it safely back home. All the best." - C. Waberski
April 2019

"This is the rock I bought off you a couple of months ago. We are going to put my Husbands ashes in on Tuesday, the day of his Birthday. Been trying too get every one together so we could all be here, taken until now for it to happen. We all love the rock & the Plaque, you do a very good job. Will make sure we let people know about you." - N. Holding


Google Reviews below:

 February 2019

- By M.Flynn


  June 2018
"Hi Bud, I know this has been a long time coming, but I would just like to thank you for the Memorial Rock we purchased from you a couple of years ago. The rock and Memorial Plaque were for my late husband Noel John McEvoy. We have it located in our Crystal Garden and find it such a comfort to be able to sit in our garden and 'have a chat' when we need to feel close to him." - G McEvoy.


June 2018
"I would like to say a very special THANK YOU for the beautiful respectful way you  were able to separate our Mothers ashes and then intern Mum in one of your Memorial Rocks.......Thank you for being a big part of laying our Mum to rest in peace in our back garden, a special place she used to love and sit outside and look at before being taken into Palliative Care.......I cannot praise and thank you enough." - M Sanders.

Memorial Rock Garden

memorial garden

artificial rock urn australia


October 2017

"Just to let you know our Memorial Rock arrived on Thursday and we have placed Rick’s the last container of Rick’s ashes in it with his favorite golf club cove ‘Taz’ the Loony tunes Tasmanian Devil. We decided on a nice place in the garden under the back patio, I’ve attached a couple of photos. Thank you so much we all love it" - K. L. Speyer.


July 2017

"Today we placed our memorial rock in its place of rest. My mum planted the rosemary in memory of my dad and my grandfather one Anzac Day. On her wedding day she carried a spray of frangipannies. She bought me that angel quite a while ago and this is where she placed it. The smaller angels were brought from my dad's previous place of rest when we were told they could no longer sit on his plaque. The surrounding plants will continue to embrace the stone. It already looks like it is where it belongs. Thank you for your work and the time and consideration you have given to us over the last 6 months. They are once again together as they should be." - L. Merifield.


July 2017

 "Thanks so much to Memorial Rocks my mum and together and with the family that loves them" - B. Camm.

 July 2017

"Hi Bud
Today we laid my brother's ashes to rest in the memorial rock in mum's garden, just a few meters from where his life was taken by a speeding car which lost control in the rain one year and one day ago. ....... Thanks for all your help." - C. J. Kightley.


January 2017
Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, (Gold Coast)
Broadbeach Queensland 4218

Pacific fair memorial rock gold coast

Pacific Fair Gold Coast Memorial Rock


 2016 Reviews

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Memorial Rock Review Memorial Rock Review
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Memorial Rock review Memorial Rock review





Have been searching the internet for something special for my Dad's ashes it's been 3 years since my Dad passed away but I have finally found what I'm looking for saving money so I can purchase one of these awesome rocks thanks to Memorial Rock's


Estelle Barratt reviewed MEMORIAL ROCK SAFES AUSTRALIA – 5 star
8 November 2015 ·
I am very happy with the Memorial Rock. My husband is now resting in peace in his beloved fernery. I had about 40 people gathered around while my husbands final resting place was put in place and I don't think there was a dry eye anywhere. Everyone was very impressed with it.Cristy Kurt

6 April

I purchased one of Buds Memorial Rock Safes for my beloved grandmother whom passed feb 6th 2015... I was so impressed and relieved we have a beautiful final resting place for her.. she loved her garden and admired the home she built with her late husband, my grandfather.. so we decided a memorial rock safe placed in the garden with her husband by her side peacefully with the flowers, butterflies and birds was the best place for her to be... I cannot thank Bud enough, he truly goes above and beyond to make sure this sad time is easy and stress free!! Thank you.



Jojo Jojo I will be purchasing very soon for my mum and dad to rest peacefully in my garden! They both loved the garden, and after years of wondering what to do with them, my problem has been solved! What a wonderful idea

Tracy Wilson Roberts : after seeing so many of my ancestors Graves standing alone and forgotten, and knowing the pain of not being able to get to the cemetery as often as i could I was shown your beautiful rocks. it totally changed my mind on burials. I will now be cremated and my ashes shall rest inside the rock and I shall sit in the gardens of my families homes.



I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bud and Memorial Rock Safes Australia.
As my family and friends know.
I have lost 3 very special people in my life within 2.5 years.
It will be 17 years in July this year since my daughter Susan passed away and I have kept hers and my mother’s ashes at my place since their funerals, I did this for 3 reasons one was a lack of funds 2 was I had Susan’s 5 very young children to raise and put through school and 3 I have had such a hard time letting go and I still do.
About 5 weeks ago I saw a place called Memorial Rock Safes on Facebook I liked what I saw, so I took mum and Susan down to see the owner Bud. He is a very nice man and I highly recommend him and his memorial rocks.
I purchased 2 rock safes and I had Susan’s and my mother’s ashes sealed inside. I also ordered Memorial Plaques for each Rock these took 4 weeks after Bud ordered them from the foundry but well worth the wait.
During the past few weeks with the help of my son Shane I have made a Memorial Garden in my yard for both my mother and daughter to be placed in.
They both arrived back home on Thursday in time for Mother’s Day.

Thank You Kaye. 

"Well u know  i think bud....As ive already picked mine out and my husband will b in touch w you later rather than sooner i hope....But honestly you hav been a godsend to me as i hav worried so much about where im going afterwards.. this has put my mind at ease,u hav no idea wat that thankyou bud for all your help and kind words.... if u had a rate chart id giv u 5 stars out of 5...good luck in the future..."  - Linda Vanderbyl


"Excellent Bud 100 percent happy with my sons memorial rock I purchased" - Michelle Campbell.


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"Mum is so happy dad has finally comehome, she now has somewhere to go and sit and remember the good days and all the memories of days gone by.....thank you so much" - A. Phillips, Qld.

photo with permission from A. Phillips

- photo with permission from A. Phillips


- Blackburn High School, VIC 3130.


"Thank you for all your help and kindness through a difficult time. Thanks to you I can now bring my father home which would not be possible otherwise. Thank you for the inspiration and hope that it goes well. We will be back but not for a long time." - G & C Wyeth, Qld.

- photo with permission from V. Sloane, Qld

- photo with permission from V. Sloane, Qld

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