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How to Temporarily Seal a Large Memorial Rock for a later second interment of ashes. A brilliant contribution from one of our satisfied customers!


We have been asked this question many times and have gladly helped our customers with tips and suggestions over the years. Then not long ago, one of our very happy customers took the time to contribute a well done step by step guide to temporarily seal a memorial rock (as opposed to the usual permanent sealing). Thank you Paul! We think it is about time we actually post it publicly online to share with everyone. It involves a trip to your local Bunnings or hardware store to get you what you need. And here they are:

You need the following:-

  • Silicone (as you supplied)
  • 1 x roll of 6mm Flyscreen PVC spline
  • 1 x roll of 4.5mm Flyscreen PVC spline
  • 1 x spline roller
  • White Grease
  • 1 roll of Gaffa tape (not just PVC tape)



  1. Clean up inside of lid seat (make sure it is dry)
  2. Cut a length of 6mm Flyscreen PVC spline to go around the inside of the seat so it touches back on itself
  3. Put a good bead of silicone around the inside of the rock where the lid sits
  4. Carefully place the 6mm Flyscreen PVC spline into the silicone and make sure it is pushed into the corner well
  5. Smooth off the silicone so it seals either side of the 6mm Flyscreen PVC spline (do not allow it to go over the top of the spline)
  6. Allow the silicone to skin  
  7. Place a liberal layer of white grease over the spline and the lip of concrete on the seat
  8. Option to put ant sand and/or surface spray inside the rock
  9. Place Standard Ashes container inside the rock
  10. Place the lid leaving an even gap around the outside
  11. Start putting the  4.5mm Flyscreen PVC spline into the gap (start at opposite side to where you started the 6mm spline) and push in with spline roller and keep going around and around until the space is full and tight (be careful the lid doesn’t start to lift out).  If there is a slightly wider area, place some 6mm spline to fill the gap before the last layer of 4mm spline. 
  12. Seal over the area with a layer of Gaffa tape and allow to set over night. 
  13. Place rock into position

We are off course just an email or a phone call away for any other questions or assistance you'd need with our Memorial Rocks and Plaques.


All the very best,

Memorial Rocks Australia Team

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