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Is Cremation OK for Christians ? I found this interesting article. 0

Is cremation proper for Christians?
The Scriptures do not present any basic objection to the practice of cremation.

There are Biblical accounts relating that the bodies or bones of dead people were burned. (Josh. 7:25; 2 Chron. 34:4, 5) This may have indicated that those people did not seem to merit a decent burial. But what amounted to cremation did not always carry such a meaning.

We can see this from the account of the death of King Saul and his three sons. The four of them died battling the Philistines. One of the sons was Jonathan, the good friend and loyal supporter of David. When valiant Israelites living in Jabesh-gilead learned what had happened, they recovered the four bodies, burned them, and then buried the bones. David later praised those Israelites for their actions.—1 Sam. 31:2, 8-13; 2 Sam. 2:4-6.

The Scriptural hope for the dead is the resurrection—God’s restoration of the person to life. Whether a dead person is cremated or not, Jehovah is not limited in his ability to restore the person to life with a new body. The three faithful Hebrews who faced death in a fiery furnace as ordered by King Nebuchadnezzar did not need to fear that if they were thus destroyed, God could not resurrect them. (Dan. 3:16-18) That was also true of faithful servants of Jehovah who faced death and subsequent cremation in Nazi concentration camps. Various loyal servants of God have perished in explosions or in other ways that left no trace of their remains. Still, their resurrection is assured.—Rev. 20:13.

Jehovah does not have to reassemble a person’s former body in order to resurrect him. That is shown by God’s resurrecting anointed Christians to heavenly life. Like Jesus, who was “made alive in the spirit,” anointed Christians are resurrected as the same person but with a spiritual body. No part of their former physical body accompanies them to heaven.—1 Pet. 3:18; 1 Cor. 15:42-53; 1 John 3:2.

Our hope in the resurrection rests, not on what might be done with the physical corpse, but on faith in God’s ability and desire to fulfill his promises. (Acts 24:15) Granted, we may not fully comprehend how God has performed the miracle of resurrection on past occasions or how he will do so in the future. Still, we put our trust in Jehovah. He has provided “a guarantee” by resurrecting Jesus.—Acts 17:31; Luke 24:2, 3.

Christians do well to take into consideration social norms, local sentiments, and legal requirements regarding the disposition of dead bodies. (2 Cor. 6:3, 4) Then, whether the body of a deceased person is to be cremated or not is a personal or family decision.

My Diploma in Counselling 0

Despite being as busy as I am I've taken on studies in Counselling ...Diploma level. I've really enjoyed this so far and hope it will help in giving support for the those Who are suffering the loss of a loved one.

Face Book Promotion gone Ballistic... 1

I posted this on Facebook and Got an unbelievable response !!! 

PLEASE !!!! 
Don't scatter Your loved Ones Ashes !!! (Even though they said they didn't want a fuss. You'll lose that tangible link to Them…. It's just too sad).
And why put their ashes in some expensive cemetery You may never get back to visit !!! 
And don't bury their Ashes under a rose bush at an address You may not always live at !!! 
And lastly PLEASE !!! don't leave them forever on a shelf or in the shed or under a bed !!!

Please consider : www.memorialrocks.com.au

A Loving and Caring alternative for the 'safe' keeping of Our Loved Ones Ashes. Keep them at home in the garden or on the patio. Memorial Rocks can be passed down through generations.
For more information please call Me 
Bud Manthey on 0413770272
Memorial Rock Safes: Extra strong concrete, fibre reinforced, beautiful hand crafted artificial rocks with a 350mmx280mmx160mm hidden internal Cavity capable of holding 2 (for partners) standard Australian sized Urn's of a Loved Ones Ashes. Each Memorial Rock is uniquely hand made. They weigh (approx) 30kg and are made with a flat area where a plaque can be affixed if desired. (We can supply plaques)
They have a concrete base plate that is sealed into place to create a 'SAFE'. We ship all over Australia via TNT for just $100 shipping cost. Priced between $350-$500.

' The Outback ' series coming soon 1

Hi I've just been making some lovely new memorial rocks in the colours of the Australian Outback. They are not copies of 'Uluru' But I guess the similarity will be there. 

If anybody has any other suggestions that would be great. 

# new Rocks Made Yesterday !!1 2

Very happy to have made some Great New Rocks . They'll be onsite soon.